How To Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems: 5 Professional Tips

November 4, 2017



Tip #1: Wipe off grease and oil from pans and plates before washing them this will prevent build ups in drains that can cause unwanted clogs!


Tip #2: Make sure to throw away all leftovers and scrapes in the garbage even if you have a disposal, you don't want any bones, turkey skin, peels or large pieces of food going down the drain!


Tip #3: Always run water in the sink while using your garbage disposal and feed waste gradually so you don't overload the disposal!


Tip #4: Do not operate your dishwasher if you think there is a problem, it discharges back into the disposal!


Tip #5: Dump all grease, oil, fat from meat, or gravy right in the garbage and not down any drains!

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